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Our Products

Samarth Engineering has been established in 1995 to serve the needs of Precision Engineering & Sand dredging machines. We are all equipped with entire range of machineries and skilled man power to deliver best quality goods & services to our satisfied customer.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines

  • 1 KW Fiber Optic Laser
  • Cutting Bed Measuring 3 Meters by 1.5 Meters
  • Auto Pallet Changer
  • Etching & Marking Capabilities
  • Carbon steel cutting upto 12mm Thickness
  • Stainless Steel Cutting upto 8mm Thickness
  • Aluminium Cutting upto 3mm Thickness
  • Brass & Copper Cutting upto 1.5mm Thickness
  • GI Sheet Cutting upto 3mm Thickness

CNC OxiFuel Cutting

  • Two Kinetic 3000’s With Twin OxiFuel Tourches
  • Capable Of Cutting Plate Up to 200MM
  • Bed Size 3000mm x 8000mm (Max)

CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Plasma ability to precision cut plate up to 25mm
  • Cutting bed up to 3000 mm to 8000 mm